Monday, 15 August 2011

What I Love About Video Blogging!

I love capturing visual bits of my life in pixelated form. To be able to retrieve and view how I may have felt on a particular day about any random subject. To be able to share with anyone who cares to take a peek even just for a short while a little bit of me and my view of the world that we live together as I see it. While I know that physically one day I will leave this world and that this journey must come to an end. I take solace in knowing that so long as the internet is alive and well and my accounts are not deleted or lost in a field of irrelevance. I shall continue to voice my opinions and show my love for life and the people in my life. To be able to share with individuals across the globe with no barrier of language, time or space. Through the lens of my camera I will have captured life, with my computer I will have edited out the parts that I found to be not colorful or vibrant enough. I will have removed from existance the parts that do not represent me as I should like to be known or remembered. And in my video blog or vlog no matter the title I will upload to the internet the pixelated me. This is what I love about video blogging, this is why I love to vlog. In the words of Vlogilicious...Vlog On!

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