Thursday, 11 August 2011

london riots 2011

It is duly noted that this situation can happen at anytime and anywhere in the civilized world. With that being said, that this situation purportedly came about from the act of the London police fatally shooting a young man by the name of Mark Duggan and has escalated from a peaceful protest to the country being over run by thieves and hooligans is shameful. Shame on those that use the excuse that they are committing these acts in protest to what sadly happened to Mr. Duggan or their disdain for politics and politicians of the UK. Your taste for the disrespect you show not only for yourselves but the good people of the UK has no excuse it cannot be explained away as a show of solidarity against your oppressors or the political system that is currently in place. When the fires have been extinguished and the broken glass swept away the physical evidence of your acts wiped clean what is left behind is the thing that cannot be undone. That you have robbed your fellow country man of his security, his peace of mind that you his neighbor in your zeal for ill gotten goods in that moment had no regard for his well being that of his family let alone the country that you share.
You are not heroes with a cause. You are not justified in your actions. It is not your right to steal, loot, burn, beat and mug without consequence. You are however what civilized societies must not accept, tolerate or turn a blind eye to. If your actions go unpunished then the UK will have lost as a whole more than property but the the respect and trust of it's citizens that this would not be allowed to happen again to the good hard working citizens of it's country.
To the good people of the UK stand up and together, take back your country from these hooligans and cowards that hide behind of masks to take from you what is not theirs to take.
My heart goes out to the family of Mark Duggan in your time of sadness. I am very sorry for your loss.

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