Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Music the Fifth Element!

In many of my videos posted on you tube I end by saying that music is the fifth element. I know that many think that I am merely promoting myself and my channel. In this short vlog I will try to explain why I chose the name DJ 5th Element. Let's start by noting after deciding on my DJ moniker I then went to you tube and tried to obtain the name for my channel as " DJ 5th Element " but sad to say there already existed a user with that account name. So faced with the choice of selecting a new name or trying to create one that would allow me to remain as close to the original I had previously decided upon djfifth5element is the now known outcome. Now on to the reasons as to why that particular name was chosen and no it is not based on the movie The Fifth Element. It is a great movie and one of my personal favorites but it played no role in my decision. I will share with you those reasons by listing them in order of importance to the decision making process.
1. Dj or disc jockey is almost self explanatory, it is a title used to describe a job or function of an individual.
2. 5 or 5th, In asian philosophy the number five is the number of expansion. This stands to represent two    
    things for me on a personal level. one that I was entering a new phase of my life and two that it is a  
    field in which I wanted to expand and grow on many different levels.
3. Element, we are surround by the elements and are in constant flux and always adapting to the first four
    elements. It is however the 5th element the spirit or energy force that abides in all living things and
    provides not only the strength to endure the first four elements but the life energy to live in harmony
    and bring forth music which in turn brings and gives us joy. music is the fifth element, it cannot be
    seen or touched but it is always felt.
The final reason I will not give a number only because it might seem a bit silly but here goes...I drive a Honda Element which I which was manufactured in 2005, licensed and registered for use on the public highway in the fifth month of that year and paid for in full five years after initial purchase.
So there you have it DJ 5th Element or if you will DJ Music or DJ Energy. I hope this may have helped in understanding a bit about my choice of name for my DJ moniker.
Take care till next and don't forget ..
Music is the Fifth Element.

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